Ebooks jam-packed with plant based food to lift your mood

Through J.Nourish, I want to inspire and educate you about creating healthy alternatives to satisfy the usual food cravings we are all guilty of. Intuitive eating is honouring and respectively listening to our bodies, just like we knew when we were children.


J.Nourish is going to be the stepping-stone you need to understanding what your body is telling you, and giving yourself the right kick start to achieving your best version of you!


The yummiest recipes of

soulful sweets, breakfast +

brunch + my favourite very favourite hot nourishing elixirs




Double the fun.
Purchase Sweet + Savoury together and save!

$40 package


Containing the basic essentials,

to starting a plant based diet

breakfast + brunch ideas,
nourish bowls + lunch bites. 



14 of my favourite smoothies that will curb cravings while nourishing your body.


Keto Nasi goreng w Cauliflower rice

My take on nasi goring! Super fragrant, low carb high protein bowl of Indonesian goodness!