J.Nourish here, or otherwise known as Jaz - short for Jasmine, my full name which you will almost never hear anyone call me except my parents. This is my first ever blog entry! Be prepared for a lengthy entry... I'm no good and short n sweet when it comes to writing. I like to add all the little details and elaborate on all the fun experiences. So, I hope you enjoy everything I have to share with you!

If you're already a J.Nourish follower, or share my journey with me on the socials, you probably have a fair idea that I am a sucker for high quality plant based foods. I eat out for the pure joy of trying super tasty and inspiring meals, but I also love creating in the kitchen! It's where you will find me in my 'flow' state, making healthy sweet treats, smoothie bowls, Sri Lankan Dahl's or simply a nourishing bowl of colourful and seasonal goodness!

I am generally a mover and a shaker. MY partner Jack likes to refer to me as 'the Duracell bunny' lol, because I honestly find it hard to stay still or focus on tasks when I haven't exercised in the morning. I love exercising as well as motivating and coaching others their fitness journey!

a little briefing: I have always been very active and lived a very health conscious lifestyle compared to most. Throughout high school I found bliss in long distance cross country running and horse riding from the age of... being born (yes I was on a horse before I could walk) but I truly developed a strong love and passion for all things 'health and fitness' when I started a ladies bootcamp, post high school back in 2010 and then even more so, transitioning my career, and qualifying as a personal trainer 5 years ago, living and breathing the life style... of course I go through my own waves of motivation levels... but 'moving' my body daily is high on the priority list when it comes to must do's!

If you fancy podcast's I recorded one with my friend Carlo a little while back. Click here for more about ME and how I got to where I am now..

So, when it comes to travelling, it can be really tough staying centred and finding constant balance within yourself when you step out of your daily routines like I do - especially when you genuinely care about what you put into your body. So... for them times you feel unmotivated because you don't have your gym buddy to go to your 6am class 4-5 times per week, or if you are stuck for ideas?... or simply if you can relate to what I am saying... read on because I have a few tips that I would like to share that have truly worked wonders for me. They aren't magic, they require a little bit of discipline, but once they become a habit, just like brushing your teeth, I am sure they will have a positive impact on your daily rituals, your travels, and your life!

FIRST THING WHEN YOU WAKE UP matter where we are, there are a couple of things Jack and I ALWAYS do upon waking. This sets ourselves up for a positive and hygienic start, ready to win the day!

1. Scraping our tongue. What?! yes, you heard correct. This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that uses a copper U-shaped bar that get's rid of all the toxins that build up on your tongue of a night. It's a little gross, but when you see what comes off, you will be SO glad you didn't swallow all that gunk.

2. Warm lemon, ginger and turmeric drink upon waking: This helps to Alkalise and neutralise our bodies back to PH 5.5 as well as a kick starter for your digestion and metabolic Agni (fire) Then drink some more water to flush all the toxins, at least 500ml of liquids are optimal to start the day on an empty stomach.

3. Get in my active wear and get ready to move the body how I feel! Intuition is key!


I am 100% a morning person. I mean, I was always up before the sun as a child. I'd like to believe I am still like that now... because I genuinely love the thought of 'moving' my body, especially that eery feeling of running freely outside, before the break of dawn. Although, sometimes life gets the better of you! It sucks all the energy you wish you had and spits you back out. No matter how unmotivated I am, I don't give myself a choice not to exercise or move my body. When I say 'move' my body, it really varies day to day, depending on how I feel.

Sometimes I will do Yoga, a HIIT session and a run all in one morning, other times I will chuck in my headphones put a podcast on and just go for an easy stroll. The key is not to be too hard on yourself. Stay consistent and just do what your body is feeling, but don't give in to the temptation of hitting snooze on the alarm! Set it for when you need to get up and GO GO GO for a walk, a run, do some sun salutations or find a local group you can join wherever you are in the world.

For example today, I started my day a little slower here in humid Sri Lanka. I cleaned the air Bnb we are living in, made myself a coffee with cinnamon and cardamom spices (this helps to regulate your cortisol and assist adrenals when drinking caffeine) and then went for a walk along the beachside road for 2km, and then built up into a run on the way back! I felt fantastic and super productive being done before 9am. Even though its was really easy on the body, it felt like a natural and easy progression. Some of the BEST moments I have had whilst travelling have been on my morning run. I get into a zone and it feels like nothing else matters, just like in the kitchen I get into my 'flow' state, start smiling and am just loving taking in the beautiful new surroundings.

If you want something a little more intense, try this 30 minute HIIT workout I wrote!


Over the past 28 years of getting to know my body, the more I have learnt to 'tune in' and listen to my intuition, the more I know how to not only exercise, but what to eat, and how to act accordingly to benefit my body. It all started when you were a child, when we only acted intuitively. Intuition was and is our sixth sense. We ate only until we were full. We knew when we were in danger. It's like in inner compass that sadly, we kind of loose touch with as we get older. We don't know the meaning of greed until we have been socially conditioned, or brainwashed by the media: I think our grandparents and parents suffered most with the 'low fat diet' and the drink milk to get your calcium or the 'canned food' revolution.

When I crave foods, I am generally very thankful as my body truly does know whats BEST for me. I have am very sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, as well as anything artificial. As a women, I feel we are prone to more food cravings especially around the end of the Luteal phase aka PMS. So when my body craves chocolate, I don't reach for a Cadbury chocolate bar... I know that by giving my body the most natural and nourishing form like a hot cacao drink with almond milk and a natural bliss ball. I know that it's going to give me that chocolate fix along with the healthy fats and unrefined sugars your body needs during the pre-menstrual phase. This helps with inflammation, gives you a boost of antioxidants as well as essential minerals like magnesium to help calm the muscles.

The same theory goes for exercising or moving our bodies. If you are tired, listen to how you truly feel. Move the body gently and don't put extra pressure on the body when you physically aren't capable of giving it 100% because low impact, 60% effort days are just as important as the times where you feel you want to keep going, pushing harder, lifting a little heavier, getting a PB in time per km.. you get the idea. The moral 'listen to your body' and exercise for enjoyment not for punishment.


Depending where are are staying, we love having a place with a kitchen. We find it really helps, if you are somewhere for a longer time frame, and especially when you are on a budget.

Of course I LOVE to do a bit of 'market research' and check out the best plant based places in town, but when you travel smart, you have to space out the westernised fancier style eating.

In Sri Lanka, we ate breakfast at home about 90% of the time. We have a few breakfast recipes up our sleeve and on rotation like Golden overnight oats, Chia puddings, Smoothie bowls and a good ol mixed veggie omelette. Check out these delicious recipes for easy snacks if you have a well equipped kitchen or even better, grab a copy of my new ebooks for 50 of my fave recipes!

As for lunches and dinners, I do like to treat myself to a vegan burger from Moochies, or a pizza from Surfing Wombats or try something more local style like a Sri Lankan 'Kottu' which is Roti all chopped up, and then fried with mixed vegetables- although I am aware that these meals can make me feel a little heavy and slow my digestion down if I over indulge. So moderation is key. Then, I will have a lighter lunch or lighter breakfast like a Chia pudding in the morning.

So generally, familiarise yourself with food's that you digest easily- Dhal is a no brainer for me and almost everyone! It makes me feel full, and has loads of protein, gives me energy and if I have a small amount of rice it makes me feel FABOOOLUS! You really cant go wrong with a Thali plate or Dosa Masala in India, or a famous Rice and curry in Sri Lanka! Check the spread below.


Immerse yourself people! Speak to the locals, eat where the locals eat, do the activities, familiarise yourself with the wildlife and have appreciation for the all of the beautiful nature that surrounds you! Nature is truly what brings us back to our roots. The most unforgettable moments here so far by the beach, have been swimming with the Turtles! My favourite part is when they purge their head up to take a breath above the water- truly adorable, and graceful animals.

A must try is the 'home cooked' style food. From experience, our most favourite and memorable foods from Sri Lanka have been from places called Mama's in Midigama, Dulnetha in Weligama (THE BEST rice and curry thus far yummmm) or a cute little place in Goa, India called Esperante. These places are generally family run, and can be some of the busiest places but generally on the cheaper end and some of the most authentic delicious foods you will find!! You can taste the love and consciousness created in every bite!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS FAR! You are a star and I couldn't be more grateful!

Feel free to give me any feedback of what you enjoyed and what you didn't in my first blog post.