Why do I choose Matcha? Cos it’s DELICIOUS done right & so great for you!

After all. The Japanese have been using it for thousands of years & are amongst some of the healthiest & wisest humans on the planet.

Although I love the stuff, coffee & I really don’t gel-well. After being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue I have been battling with a lifestyle that keeps my cortisol production level moderate, but still enjoying a cuppa caffeine... so thats how I found Matcha to be my daily dose of tea, latte, Bullet proof matcha & matcha choc-chip nice cream!

I want to tell you a few reasons WHY Matcha is not only a more sensible up of caffeine, but is beneficial in more ways than one!


Matcha is the whole green tea leaf, ground into a fine powder.

It is SO versatile & can be enjoyed in several ways!

Matcha contains L-Theanine, an amino-acid that promotes calmness whilst still staying alert which enables you to relax unlike coffee- minus any jitters or anxiousness.

Full of Antioxidants: Contains over 130 times more antioxidants than any other food on the planet!! This helps to boosts your immune system & helps you stay looking younger.

I know when I am not feeling 100% & I turn to coffee, it makes me look tired & worn down...

Matcha green tea powder contains loads of chlorophyl- the greens from plants which is a natural detox for our bodies!

Promotes natural Fat burn! As matcha speeds up your metabolism, incorporating Matcha into your daily life style, could burn up to 40% more calories per day.

How much caffeine does it contain? 1 teaspoon of Matcha powder = 30-40mg caffeine

Compared to 80-180mg per cup of coffee.

Which do I choose & why?? The more vibrant in colour, the better the quality of matcha. Paying a little more for a good quality Matcha is worth it! It is a lot smoother to mix in drinks, nicer smell, better texture & generally higher in antioxidants. I love muscle matcha from Australia made right in the heart of Japan!

How to store matcha?

Last up to 1 year after opening, keep in airtight container in cold dark cupboard or fridge.


Improve your brain performance

Burn loads of fat on a fast or keto diet, for all day energy


1 tsp matcha green tea (I use Premium Matcha by Muscle matcha

1 tsp of organic grass-fed butter (unsalted) or coconut oil

2 tsp nut or seed butter (I used almond butter)

1 big pinch of sea salt

1 cup of water (80C) for hot or filtered cold

touch of vanilla extract (optional)

(A few ice cubes for iced)


In a high speed bullet blender (hows the irony) put all ingredients & whiz for about 5 seconds, until it becomes nice & frothy/creamy!

If you don't have a blender, you could simply add 1/4 cup of hot water (not boiling) into your mug. With a mini milk frother (best or cheapest are from ikea) whiz whizz whiz until mixed. Add your hot water once combined.

Put into a mug & enjoy!




1 frozen Banana (chopped)

1 tsp of Matcha Green tea powder

1 tbls of Coconut collaborative yoghurt

1/2 tsp of Naturya Spiralina powder

pinch of cinnamon

A splash of water or your choice of plant based mylk

1 tbls of Raw Cacao Nibs


In a blender, add all ingredients beside the cacao nibs. If quite thick, add a little more liquid of choice until perfect thick consistency is formed. As this is a small amount, a bullet blender works just fine!

When reached a nice consistency, add the cacao nibs & blitz for another few seconds.

Pour into your vessle & top with more nibs!